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Universal patrol boat.

Universal patrol boat. English text
The boat is intended for a patrol service and inspection in shallow watersю

The welded hull of the boast is made of an aluminium alloy.
The superstructure is made of GPR. The cabin gives the opportunity for
horizon survey, has two seats and a control post. In the cabin there are two
sofas ( four sleeping places), and a desk, cooking galley, a case for instruments,
a safe, and a toilet cabin. The aft deck has two sofas and is protected
from wind and water splashes by a wind shield even when the boat is
moving. The is a collapsible boat awing

d. 11,04 x 3,3 m
depth: 1,76 m
draft: 0,57 m
displacement: 7,5 t
Main Engine: CAT3176 (420 kW, 2300 r/min)
Water-Jet IFF- JET 375S
speed: 37 узлов
capacity: 10 persons
price: negotiable

For more information please visit to http://labhcs.narod.ru/marinesystems.html

Let speed and maneuverability of this cutter become your reliable ally

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